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When you go to these, you are not supposed to get anything for them but you can change that. To access these races, go to your garage, then your world map, and select a race. When the race begins, pause game play and restart the race. Notice that there is an option to return to world map, however after you restart it will not be there. You can now race and get bank for it. You can unlock it when you pass the URL SUV-anothet race mode: I know a lot of you don't know about race mode. In career mode, buy a SUV i recomand you the Cadillac. Select it and go to the free roam, press m map and you will see a mode named SUV.

It's a circuit just with the SUV's. Unique part upgrate: Win four outrun race Nitro maker: it's many ways to make nitro:avoiding accident,drafting,drifting etc.

saved game 100 %

Hint: Submitted by: Akshay Take free run and from this catch the cars which are oranged colour arrow in the map go behind of the car and press enter and the race will start. Performance: All fully modified exept for engine. Thats it try comparing it with the one in story mode tell me if there is a difference i don't have it all correct im not sure about the rims and roof scoop.

Combine Vinyls: Apply vinyls to your car but leave at least one empty vinyl slot. Exit the shop and return. Select the empty vinyl slot if it asks you to choose vinyl color just press esc and select the empty slot again. When you select a unique vinyl the other vinyls will disappear but they will come back after you pay for your setup. You can layer the vinyls the same as usual. Cheat: Submitted by: anmol tyagi This cheat is to boost up your nos during race or off race Try starting with nissan SX first install nos then engine then anything else.

Hint: Submitted by: jonnyboi If you are in stage 4. After that, go to "Circuit" and select the ECU. Make levels 3, 4, and 5 as low as possible; with 3 the lowest. Do a dyno run and look at your speed. Compare this to the first time you did it. It should increase a lot, helping in all your races. Go to performance shop and bust everything but speed. Now you are able to win every drift race in the game!!! Easy drift points: In Jackson Hill there are many places where the ledge is away from the road.

HD ENB QUALITY Mod NFS Most Wanted Blacklist 15 #3 | nfs underground 2 | Need for speed, Link

In Organic Drift Racing, drift your car between the dusty area between the road and the ledge. If done correctly you can score more than 60, points in that single drift. Go to the car lot and buy the car with best handling. Go to the performance shop and increase everything but speed. You should be able to win every drift race. Wining an outrun: Use the following trick if you need to win the outrun modes for the unique parts.

There is an easier way than doing it in the streets of the city. Get onto the highway of the main city in whichever direction desired. Fill up your NOS gauge by doing near misses and avoiding accidents. When it is full and the backup is full dark blue and light blue , find an opponent on the highway.

Do not challenge any opponents if they are behind the concrete barrier that divides the road; only the ones on the side of the highway that you are driving on. Pull up behind them and position yourself for the tailspin maneuver by leaning your front against the opponent's side and back bumper area. Make sure you do not have a lot of your front and side on his back bumper, as you cannot spin him out if your too much on him.

Look behind you from the outside view to make sure you are not too much on him just a little. Then, accept the challenge and immediately spin him out, if you are successful, then hit the NOS. If you are not, pound the NOS anyway. You are still likely to win in about 5 to 15 seconds unless you crash. Do not go off of the highway.

Repeat this process until you collect enough money and get the star for the unique item you need. Easy money: In the career mode menu, go to the world map. Select any race that has not been completed in any stage.

Need For Speed Underground 2 graphics?

Once the race has started, pause game play and restart. After you have won the race, a screen will appear showing you how many reputation points and how much bank you have won. You will then go to the menu that asks if you want to return to explore mode, restart, etc. When this appears choose "Return To Main Menu". You do not have to save the game.

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Then, just go back into the career menu and select the "World Map" option again. Choose another race that has not been completed and start it. If done correctly, all of the races in the world map will be against three Toyota Corollas or a mixture of Hummers, Escalades and Navigators.

If you restart these races, you will always get money if you win. Recommended cars: The recommended car for an entire career is the Nissan SX. Unlock all level 3 performance add them to it.

Then, go to the dyno and tune it as follows. Then, go to the drive train and also put everything at the highest. Next, go to aerodynamics and do the same. Next, go to tires and brakes and also put everything to the highest. Go to ECU and do the first dot. Make it the highest, then with the next, also make that the highest. Then, do the same to the rest. However, you cannot do it twice. Go to turbo and do the same to turbo that you did to the ECU. Finally, go to nitrous and set it at its maximum.

Your car will be unstoppable as long as you start with a perfect shift and do the same with the rest. Do the dyno test again. You should see much improvement. Like to add hydraulics in Skyline: Submitted by: Fahim Email: fahimbashar gmail. Now your Skyline cool.

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You can now more customize your car. Notice that the angles of some of the turns are kind of rounded. If you have the speed, you could go right into the wall and make the turn. As long as you are going about mph and hit these certain corners, you will only go down to mph or so.

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You have to experiment with the turns. Sometimes you will go too fast and flip, and other times you will fly through the turns going mph while the CPU cars slow down, giving you some cushion time. Remember, you must get up against the wall for this trick to work.

Cómo instalar Need for Speed Underground 2 en Mac

Make sure u hv enough speed,find an outrun opponant, when he is in front of u, ram ur car wid high speed, just when the outrun sign blinks in the top-left corner. This will make the opponant lose control of his car and ram the car else where. U being at high speed,will cruise away easily. If done correctly u will be a happy racer!!! How to increase nos nitro : Submitted by: MH. Rachel's Nissan Z modification: Submitted by: Fahim Email : fahimbashar gmail. Performance: All fully modified. That's it. If you see any difference just mail me in my e-mail address. Better game performance: If you have an updated PC and exceed the highest graphics and performance requirements of the game, using an OS like as Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later, and your game has an issue such as lagging, fluency interruption continuous FPS stop , endless loading blocked game , or the application being closed unexpectedly, do the following.

Look for the executable file for the game and right click on it. Then, click "Apply" and close. Run the game and configure its graphics as follows. All general graphics maxed as possible, disable the "VSync" option, then save changes.

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Exit and restart the game. Your game should be running as it was supposed to, with smooth graphics, no lag or interruptions, and will not abort unexpectedly. Submit your codes! Having Codes, cheat, hints, tips, trainer or tricks we dont have yet?

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Car racing games have been fun for a long time now. They are the best way to feel some racing thrills and compete with other racers to show off your skills. Plus they are endless games so you never get bored of them since each time you are competing with someone new. One of the best Car racing games is Need for Speed and with the second version in the market named as Need for Speed Underground 2 racing players are simply in love with the game. With the new EA designs and the high-quality graphics that the game has really made its name in the industry. In order to race you need to get yourself a car.

You can purchase a car from the in-app store and later customize it to adjust it for the race. The money you have earned through the races will help you upgrade your car now and then. You can use NO2 and other power, speed and breaking gear to build a perfect racing car for your competitions. There are no limits or rules in the competition so you will be only chasing for the finish line. Free games and software are being shared as open source tools for everyone. You can receive the best full version pc software on your computer. We know that you are looking to download free games and software on your laptop.