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But if you aren't finding success with your mains, it may simply be because they're inferior to other characters. So, who are the best options? Well, this is going to vary from player to player, but generally speaking there are a few who seem to be sticking out in the current Meta. But rather than take my word on who to main, take the advice of some pros.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

Melee player, have shared their early rankings of the roster. And here's Leffen's ranking note: these are "day 1" rankings. Further, Leffen reveals at the time of making he hasn't played every fighter :.

As you can see, the two top players have quite the different takes on characters, but there's also some similarities. For example, you'd be probably be good to avoid Little Mac.

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Meanwhile, Simon Belmont sounds and is an excellent choice. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you agree with these rankings, as well as how your main came out. Thanks, Nintendo Life. The player is rewarded for beating the boss with a trophy of the fighter, a credit sequence, and possible a chance at an Unlockable Character.

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The difficulty meter in Classic has been more refined in this version, as players can now select their difficulty at. Raising the difficulty not only provides more challenge, but also rewards you with the chance at winning more prizes, especially rare Trophies , Custom Specials , Equipment , and Powers. Classic Mode differs from previous games in that the Player now has the option to choose one of three paths before every battle.

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Traveling on a route with an overhead view, the player can see which fighters he will be up against designated by the symbols for each series. These three paths are also color coded for different difficulty levels, with green being the easiest path and red being the hardest. Different paths may also hold rewards in the form of coins or trophies, that further tempt the player in a risk vs reward situation. Before starting a match, the player is able to select a prize from a roulette style wheel, from coins to collectables.

Classic Mode in Wii U plays out differently in that the three different routes are no longer available. Instead, difficulty is based on skill level and how well you survive. Battles will seek to eliminate other fighters, and can pit you against potential rivals and random challenges. You also have the option of playing Co-op Classic Mode with a local friend.

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Battles in each tier range from standard Smash matches to more difficult fights like Multi-Man Smash. The fights you encounter are random in every playthrough, and you can see a list of potential matches below. At low intensity levels, you will only have one path left to take for the final battle against Master Hand. Master Hand behaves much as he did in previous Smash games, using a variety of attacks, and can only be defeated by draining his stamina.

All 6 Super Smash Bros. Games, Ranked Worst to Best

His stamina will be dependant on the intensity level. At higher intensity levels, you'll have the option to go down a darker purple path to both Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The two will tag team against you while sharing a pool of Stamina, they'll still have a set internal amount. Master Hand and Crazy hand have distinct attacks that set them apart, and will even team up to perform attacks together, though they will be unable to do so once one of them has fallen.

At higher intensity levels, the fight with Master Hand and Crazy Hand will take an unexpected turn. After defeating either of the hands, Crazy Hand will disappear as Master Hand convulses and transforms into a swarm of darkness known as Master Core.