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No Wintel user should be without it. Another thing that might work is the text editior bbedit or bbedit light. Mac-only, but there are buckets of free and cheap text editors out there for Windows and Linux. Not only do you lose the formatting, but you often have a lot of junk characters cluttering up the resulting text. Thanks Rob, this helped me out in a jam. Apparently my client does! Many thanks — from problem to solution in minutes flat. Abiworld opened the WP document without a hitch and with all the formatting. In this instance the file was one of my own, from an unhappy period when I was obliged to use WP on the PC.

I did a quick Google search: open wpd mac os x. I got Rob Cottingham was the 3rd listing. I downloaded it and open the wpd file in a couple of seconds. Thank you very much. Thanks for leading me to AbiWord. Rob … Thanks so much for sharing your AbiWord experiences. Does anyone know how to do a batch conversion in osx? Could Automator be of help you think?

But it is speedy and did the trick. Looks like a nice slick app! Where have you been all my professional life? My life will never be the same. I then went and downloaded AbiWord and it worked great! Thank you! NeoOffice, the non-X11 ie. Good point: if you already have NeoOffice, try opening your WordPerfect doc in that program.

A church member sent me a file in the dreaded. Thanks for the help! To God be the glory! If you want people to send you documents you can read, then do the same for them. Thanks, just the ticket. My late friend Andy Cemelli was the last great hope for WordPerfect on the Mac; alas, WordPerfect dropped the mac and he moved on to other projects before moving on….

I had to convert a real estate contract that arrived today as a. I googled the problem, found this thread, and downloaded ABIword, which worked like a charm. Why do lawyers still use WordPerfect? Good stuff! We get legals we have to print in our paper. Thanks to your tip on ABIword, life is much simpler now. My law firm converted to Word.

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Accordingly, interoperability the primary advantage of Microsoft Word is of less importance to many lawyers. Ease of use is more important than ease of learning, and many feel that WordPerfect has the advantage. Similarly, if you type an asterisk, some text, a hard return, then another asterisk, that is what you get, instead of an automated bulleted list.

Indent is one keystroke in WordPerfect. Fast and simple! In Word, you can indent by fiddling and futzing styles or other mousey tools. Word uses styles much like CSS in web pages. The Word approach is wonderful for standard formats to be re-used over and over. The WordPerfect method is wonderful for one-off editing. If one person in your firm upgrades to the latest and greatest, all the others can inter-operate without being forced to upgrade. Did you know that the Legal field still uses WordPerfect? Of course you did but I had forgotten till recently when my lawyer sent me a.

AbiWord worked great-thank you! John Haniotis. I just wanted to say thanks. Abiword is the solution to my problems. I had hundreds of documents in wpd format from my first 3 years at college. With portfolios coming up this year, this was a great solution to helping me get them all open and ready to use on my new mac. I received a. Your site led me to Abi. I found this site when an attorney sent a wpd file to me. Thanks for the tips. Just wanted to say thanks. My professor used word perfect strange and your post really helped me out.

Really appreciate it. Thanks for the tip. You can convert almost anything to almost anything else. Rob, Thanks so much for the how to. It was a huge help to stumble upon your article…even years after you wrote it! Thanks from another PC to Mac switcher. I had wpd files from 10 years ago and this worked without a hitch. I am glad your archive works and kept this post on the web. Is there any obvious reason that AbiWord would close down every time I try to open my wpd files? It opens Word files and all others fine, but shuts down automatically when i try the wpds….

Which is too bad because I got really excited that this would work for me. I also had a problem using media-convert mentioned above. Thank you soooo much for this website! Running OS X it took less than 10 seconds to open an application that will open all the documents from when I had to use Word Perfect. Love Mac, Love this site and its help. Thanks for the heads-up, Pedro. I had all these old Corel files, usless! AbiWord to the rescue! Thanks a million! If I open a word perfect document using Abiworld on my MacAir and modify it can I then save it in word format?

This is priceless, precious history to me and my children. Thank you for mentioning the WordPerfect Mac Yahoo group. One download is mb; the other is mb. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Blog feed Subscribe by e-mail. Looking for advice on public speaking, speechwriting and leadership communications? Here are some of my most comprehensive posts, on topics that people ask me about most often. Insight, advice and ideas for speechwriting, speaking and leadership communications — from my inbox to yours.

Like this: Like Loading Maybe even just do a bundle, of course users would still need to provide an OS. Better yet, get with the Crossover folks and get your products fully compatible with Crossover. That would have to be much easier than a full port. If Adobe back tracks, the worst mistake we can make is to go back to Adobe products. We are responsible for giving Adobe too much power. This is why they are behaving the way they are, we have allowed them to be that way.

The best thing to do is to stay away from Adobe products, even is they back track. Adobe needs to learn a lesson. I am sure many people feel the way I do, Adobe is history to us. Lets teach Adobe a good lesson. This is the only chance we have to make a difference. Corel should have had Mac versions available long ago. Had they done so, they would now be enjoyable a veritable windfall of Photoshop converts. They need to get into the Mac game, just as so many other software developers have done.

There are millions of Mac computers in use, many of them in the hands of imaging professionals and enthusiasts. Supporting both platforms is now commonplace. In , I bought my first iMac and love the Mac more than windows. I keep only one 1 windows computer now only for the above coral products.

I do encourage Corel to come up with OSX operating programs. This would definitely be a great service and am sure it would be a financial gain for Corel. No numbers? I left Corel for Illustrator because of lack of native Mac support. Nice vector native OSX apps! I would love to see Draw on the Mac. I find it gets confusiing, particularly around copy and paste functions. I had parallels running for a few painful years. Eventually I had to move on and go all MAC os programs.

That would be a huge win for myself and many of my team that need a program to quickly generate graphics and images for our video production and special effects company. I love coeldraw but i cant use it to editing films or photos please can any one help me out, the steps to follow when working on coreldraw. I use it occasionally through the bootcamp option, but that defies the point of having a Mac. Corel would work beautifully with Mac interface..

Please please please come out with a Mac version soon.. I will waiting oh so patiently. I would not make such an assumption. Many companies keep their plans secret until they are well along in development or almost ready for release. For all we know, Corel is already working on Mac prototypes but do not wish to discuss it publicly, lest the project fails. Rob, the only answer I have to that is: Why put people off for more than 10 years? In my business of digitizing peoples collections of old photos, negatives and slides, I often needed the full capabilities of PSPP and they were both easy to find and easy to use; far better than their Adobe competitor who still seems to think that they have to bury all their tools under layers of menus.

I think Corel should re-consider their support rules first. It would be interesting to know how many Windows PS users have migrated to Corel since the big switch to a subscription model took place. Probably there will be a lag in such a migration as long as people can continue using their current versions on PS. As far as I remember I had shared the same comments and wish list to Corel a couple of years back may be three years back.

But the response I got from Corel was that, They did not see many Buyers for the Mac Version Then, Hence it was not a viable option to put in so much resources and Money into it. I think Corel Officials who are following this blog would agree. But now things have changed, Mac has shown its presence and the Mac Designers are coming out in numbers asking for a change in policy.

So I guess it is high time the new version comes out with the two versions. Always used Corel, keeping a pc only for that. Last update version Looking forward to have soon this opportunity and start doing again business together! The Mac platform has a higher percentage of creatives than Windows. Why it was discontinued makes no sense. Looking forward Corel Draw version for mac without any bootcamp assistance. When is it going to happen? The way Adobe won so many Quark users was to be able to open Quark files.

Also Corel should purchase Typestyler and make it part of CorelDraw. A big job. The big printing companies are also looking for Adobe alternatives and a lot of them already support Corel software. I loved the products and their ease of use. So I became an Adobe slave. Believe me when I say that Illustrator and Photoshop are some of the least intuitive, most over-rated and over-priced bits of software around. Corel Corp: wake up! Go for it! People like myself and the fans above are starting to get bored and will eventually switch to AI rather than doing all kinds of tricks to get to use this amazing software on a Mac.

Corel just unfortunate that this thinking of creating a version of Corel Draw for OSX, this task should this already finished. I spend more time fixing Windows problems than I do repairing photos. I remember when I started using Corel Draw to design signs on the East Coast and the software came in multiple 5. I just loved that you could do anything your creativity was the limit.

I concur with everything everyone says. I am one of a huge number of of part time freelancers who just cannot justify the CC sunscription method. But no windows emulators please. As a Mac user for 5 years I would never go back to Windows. When I used windows I had most of the coral software. I miss Paint shop pro most. Please ,please get all of the coral software converted to Mac and I for one would use a lot of it. Coral get a grip and put ALL of your software onto Mac.. More people use a Mac for photos. The software that phones home and needs constant updating in order to run is a software package that is more interested in keeping tabs on itself than it is in being used to develop creative solutions.

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Remember Quark? Remember those 3. Where is Quark now? I rest my case. FH users are still looking for a suitable alternative to the best Vector software ever made. Sure there are small apps doing their first steps but none of them is still at Freehand or Illustrator level. The only company capable of matching either one is Corel with its Draw! Take Freehand, study it, try to adapt the most of it into Draw! Come on!! What are you waiting for!?! Oh, come on, make Coreldraw for the Mac again. Adobe lost me, I would have bought Photo paint instead of photoshop, but now I have pixelmator.

I personally am not bothered about anything else. DO NOT try to rent it. Hundreds of other people would too. You are sitting on easy-to-use, affordable software at a time when many individuals are disillusioned with Adobe. It involves the user in giving money to 2 other companies at least one of whom Mac users have good reason to despise I personally hate both of them and will not willingly give either of them money before you even get started on buying CorelSuite.

Tell us, what would it take to make you take the plunge? Why are you so blind to this opportunity? Windows is nice just as apple is nice you went a long way around to finally say Corel draw is offered only on a windows based operating system, dual boot what ever less money for you, the windows people could care less wether apple people have access to corel draw, as long as they have access, and same the other way around. How abt a single version thats compatible with both …. The designer has the liberty either to use it on his Mac or his PC Just a thought.

Seems like a bad idea to not make a Mac version. Everyone I know that does graphic design professionally uses a Mac and in turn is forced to use adobe. Keefieboy well said! The time was never more right than now to bring out a Mac Version, what with Windows 8 sending people to macs. I have been using Corel since version 3 and have owned each version since.

In I switched to Mac for good and was very pleased to be able to install my CD11 natively on my Mac. I just upgraded to OS I must install Parallels or VMWare to use. My church runs multiple Mac machines and CorelDraw is our preferred vector program. Our future media school would as well. Please Corel give us a native Mac version, that we can purchase multiple licenses for. I want to continue to be a loyal supporter. I have disposed Windows entirely last year when they have Windows 8.

Using Mac, the most thing I miss a lot is CorelDraw. Using Win on Mac sounds silly: wasting the resources. I can draw a concept logo in my mind with CorelDraw instantly: 5 minutes blindfolded — that now I spend many hours with Adobe. Disappointing, but it probably has something to do with the fact that Apple and Adobe have a common interest in keeping the monopoly. Yes, it seems to be going in that direction. At least one comment of no or maybe would help. This way we know if we need to go shopping for others apps now. They may be hard at work on a possible Mac version but cannot discuss it publicly until its feasibility is certain.

We are looking for more specifics. The final decision rests with corel, We can only wish. Am I prejudiced? But not by arbitrary bias, rather by real world experience over 30 years of computer use. I only run the VM for CorelDraw. This setup is less than ideal because of all the overhead that Windows takes. Everytime I start the VM, there are windows updates, antivirus updates, virus scans on top of the sluggishness of windows as compared to the mac.

I understand there is a significant investment but the Mac world needs CorelDraw. I had used Corel for years when they supported the Mac platform. I had to stop when Corel stopped writing for Mac. Without a doubt. I wish it was available natively on the Mac, because dealing with the complications of two operating systems is a hassle, even for the technically minded. Corel CS works best on Windows. I want to stay with my MAC — for too many reasons to go into here — so please, please, please get it together and come back!

Actually, using the software is just a matter of habit. So the problem is not going to use Corel or Adobe. Corel talks about development costs and insufficient users on Mac to create a native Mac version.

Well what is the future for PC? Google Chrome operating systems are significantly progressing. I do think Mac would be a solid investment for a native Corel draw version. Mac marketing, general consumer awareness and sales have come a long way since the days of Corel Draw V11 that was Mac compatible. Hope Corel can make this change, I think many fans have been eagerly awaiting the news of the native version on Mac. By then it truly will be too late. Technology and web services are growing rapidly. As far as Paint Shop Pro Photo is concerned, they waited too long. Well, the demand swelled and they continued to ignore it—until too late.

Corel 11 still worked pretty good on my Macbook running Snow Leopard. However, the move to Mavericks Mac OS killed that little joy — even if it was only barely hanging on through Rosetta. Illustrator is okay. I hate Windows. After ten year of only windows version asking us if we want some products for Mac is barely stupid. People asked this for ten years, is it not enought? I just bought a brand new iMac, got super excited and started loading in all my design software, then I got to Corel Draw.

Stupid me, it never occurred to me that a major design software would not be available for a major design based operating system like Mac! Now I am waiting for an rma since I obviously could not install the software after downloading it. Very disappointed and trying to find an alternative now. Come on Corel, give us a Mac version, pleeeeease! I use CorelDraw for my business. I create my labels, online banners and a lot of other marketing tools using this program, however since I switched to mac, I have been having a lot of trouble with the program.

If you were to create a mac version, I would upgrade. I would love to see a CorelDraw native app for the Mac. I have played with the resolution for Windows, but nothing solves the program itself. Any ideas until Corel decides Mac users are valuable enough to provide a native program for them? Corel, has there been any progress made towards deciding on a mac version?

Well, just so you know, in the seven months since my last post I have completely removed CorelDRAW from my workflow here on my mac running windows and have found other alternative softwares that more than get the job done. Since Adobe held a gun to our heads and Corel seems dead set against the mac version my company has moved us to a completely different alternative that eliminate both the need of Adobe and Corel. BTW, this is a Global decision so there goes a good chunk of change for you.

Another favorite, albeit non-Corel video production application of mine is Windows-exclusive and for as much as I love it, the hassles of running Windows itself drove me away. Means I have two choices to run Corel on my job: 1. This is for 1 user. Really this is madness.

The comments that follow only apply to those who have recently switched. They are a great company. They have intuitive applications, much more so than Adobe, IMO. You have your thing. Sometimes cost effectiveness weighs more than convenience. This mindset IS changing however, as the typical Mac tends to carry double or more the usable lifespan as those PCs that are traditionally replaced every 2. Add to this that Windows itself has changed drastically not once, but twice in the last 7 years. Windows 7 was such a drastic change that even major corporations held onto their XP to reduce culture shock.

Then when Windows 8 came out, the shift was again so drastic that those businesses who stick with XP have chosen to accept Windows 7 rather than go through an even more extensive retraining cycle on 8. People switched from Windows to Mac for reasons that had nothing to do with their graphics work. Perhaps they thought that there would be software in the Mac world that would meet their needs but were disappointed with what they found.

In both cases, Corel has a golden opportunity to fill a gaping hole. Will they do it, or are they too rigid and small-minded for such a venture? I still have to use window in some touchscreen display applications and it is like having a pet tiger… all lovely and cuddly then one day it will bite your head off. Yep count me in….

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  • Because the technology changes. Microsoft and the hardware platforms that run it are a sinking, though very large ship. I, for one, got off. And I loved it. Come in, the Mac water is fine. I paid the same for a Dell laptop for my wife at the same time in The bottom line is Apple sells a good product at a fair price. But try to find a decent Windows machine. I third the motion! When will Corel give us solid information instead of constantly hedging around it?

    This looks like a circus and it seems that we are all clowns. All of Us talk over and over about a single problem and nobody seems to hear. At least one word about this, Corel Team! All of Us, as users deserve, at least, this care! Ps: sorry my english. The solution was too clunky keeping VM ware, Windows, and Corel updated, and having enough hardware power to run it, and switch between my Mac apps was just too much.

    So, I left Corel about a year ago. Today, Microsoft is hopeless and the hardware platforms it runs on are plastic junk. It took me about a year to adjust to Illustrator. I dedicated myself to only using Illustrator and opened Corel in that time period. After about a year I went back, and Corel felt clunky. So really, I think it is just a matter of what you get used to.

    I am at the point not where I can work faster in Illustrator. I have tried many alternative applications but there are just no substitutes for the mac, and I am with you, running VMWare fusion, Windows, and virus protection just to run DRAW is just plan stupid. Might as well pay Adobe and work on the mac. I am putting off doing any vector work and am learning Blender and submitting those image along with photos to stock sites rather than the vector files I used to create.

    Bootcamp is no good for me because you have to reboot to change between OSX and windows. Does anyone know of another solution, or does Corel have anything more to report regarding a native Mac version. By the time Corel figures out what they want to do with the mac and maybe they already have the opportunity for them will have already passed.

    Today I have 3 laptops Win 8. Guess where I design? But in all those years I realize that computers Linux, mac, Windows are mere tools for making a good job. The most important factor it is YOU! Sure I love my macs, and want a Corel for Mac version. The company does not like? Microsoft pushes to do not? Use hand reach software! And for people that have one Mac… why change to Win? Back to PC? Dont think so! Dont change hardware, change software, change working parameters, dont be slave of corporations.

    Only certain older versions of CDR work kinda on wine. X5, X6 simply does not work through it. VM Fusion or Parallels or…. Anyone know how to remove the unnecessary windows bloat to reduce the size of the installation. Alternatively, has anyone had experience running windows of an external drive? Is USB3 fast enough? The times have changed dramatically now, and I know I would most definitely welcome — and purchase — a native OS X version of Corel Draw.

    Corel 3 with Paint just cemented my loyalty to the Draw series. But there has been only one product has always prevented me from fully ditching the MS OS… and that is the Corel Draw series. I have made a good effort to use many of the Adobe products and have become adept at it. I have not even used Windows to that extent for over 4 years now and as a result have not used Paint Shop Pro Photo or any other Corel photo app since. And I am using Macs since over 1 Year now. I would love to see a native version. I tried Illustrator and would switch if I have to.

    But of course I would prefer using Corel Draw on the Mac. So if you are planning to do a Mac Version, tell the world. Before I waste my time in learning Illustrator ;o. I have the same issues with almost everyone here, I use coreldraw a lot in my previous PC. I just want to ask opinion here , what do u guys think if we just use the corelcad instead of coreldraw? Is corelcad will be able to do all the job that coreldraw do??

    Reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    I know I have about 40GB of free disk space on the Parallels partition.. How much disk space is required during installation of CorelDraw X5? I would definitely like to see Corel for Mac — after 20 years of being a pc fanboy I am finally making the switch to mac — the mac book pro far exceeded any expectations I had and there is simply no pc equivalent when it comes to refinement and polish. I just need to change quite a few of my habits. I am a CorelDraw user of at least 20 years and feel I can do anything using this software — I just love it. I find it a little unstable when using multiple pages and effects — but have grown used to backing up and saving often.

    So for people like us we might have to suffer adobe I the near future…. Corel ignored the Mac world for years, and now they find themselves locked out of it either for the lack of resources or the lack of will to rewrite all of their code. Obviously, their PC only strategy seemed like a good idea once upon a time, but it now looks like a massive blunder. They will have to live with the consequences, as will their clients who want to switch to Mac or have already done so.

    I for one am sick of waiting, and now voting with my wallet. I know many think of adobe as being the only alternative — but I am wondering if programs such as sketch3 are viable. I cannot speak to the needs of graphic designers, but for photographers, there is a package that can easily do almost everything that one might need from Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro—OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8.

    This is a collection of 7 different programs that can be run as a plugin or as a standalone. Since I started using it on my Mac, I barely have to use Photoshop at all. Now I am not a high power user, but very few photographers are. I am, however, obsessive about image quality, and PPS8 can deliver that speedily and almost effortlessly.

    I had been a die-hard PC user for nearly 20 years. I had no interest in a Mac at all until two years ago. I bought a macbook air. For two weeks, I was ready to throw it out the window. I run parallels on my system with windows 7. Only reason for this is so I can use coreldraw. I am a screen printer and this program is a must for me, however, there should definitely be a Mac version. Twice now, I have had to purchase windows because of an error. Not sure how this makes sense considering I have already paid for the product.

    What a crock! Hey guys i just found a new app in mac app store that will allowed us to import and export cdr files and also edit the files. I was also planning to download the app but not really sure for now. That was a really honest statement about a difficult situation from a high ranking person responsible for a product I like and use quite a bit. I will continue to use Corel Draw no matter what. It would be cool to have it on OSX. Keep up the good work. Coopdog sign man.

    I have done extensive research for alternatives to corel suite — and whilst there are a number of reasonable products out there from smaller developers — I have decided to sign up to adobe complete membership. The application installed, but it would not open a new file. I use Corel Draw on Mac every day through virtualbox. I use Corel to design and cut vinyl on a cutting plotter. I have a license of corel 11 for mac and probably would buy a license for a new mac version.

    Unfortunately, no way to contact developer. Support link on Apple Store page does not work. Reviews of his other product, CDR Viewer, were not promising. I already contact the developer and I recommend him to see this page. Although Parallels support suggests increasing the virtual disk size, I am reluctant to do this, as their program is not recognizing the actual available virtual disk space.

    This is big news and more proof that the direction Adobe is going in is just plain wrong. Come Corel, open your eyes! I would love to see Corel on my MBP. It is the only reason why I still turn on my old PC and why I use parallels. To use CorelDraw. Please give Adobe some competition. I would love an alternative Adobe CC. Perhaps you can approach some of the Printing Organizations like NPOA and see how much interested there is for a group purchase by printers. Today I have my own advertising agency and I cannot imagine any other software to work as quickly and explore different ideas for a logo, web layout, brochure for example.

    I have full Adobe CC subscription too and i like it. But the I miss the intuitive interface Corel has. They are just not the same. Corel always beats them Mac version could also have a drastic positive effect on the whole image of the company. In place of Aperture, Apple is working with Adobe to migrate users over to Lightroom. This Apple user is NOT pleased.

    Have you tried AfterShot Pro for Mac? It is a great alternative to Aperture. Right now, we have special pricing for Aperture users. You can give it a try here: aftershotpro. PSPP was very nearly the perfect program for my purposes. Open my wallet to Corel is not an option for me.

    Pervasive Cloud Storage

    OK, good, remain as do-not-care-customer-company, still aside from industry standard. Is good to know that Corel, never, ever, while Mr. Metrailler job as director will release a Mac version. What about those of us that do not want to use Windows. I prefer Mac for my workflow. I do not want to pay for a version of Windows 8 plus Parallels or Bootcamp.

    Please develop a version for Mac. Once upon a time there were a family of products who all played in the fantasy world of production… well not all… you see the prettiest of them all … the sister called DRAW was not allowed to play with the other children. Is there something that you are not telling us… oh keeper of the story? Did the evil witch Adobe promise to destroy your kingdom if you let the princess come and play? But the Mac platform is arguably better than Windows, and I would be very pleased to have a newer Corel Suite designed for it. There are probably millions of us who share that view.

    Corel on Mac without Parallels! Nothing against Parallels, works very good! Use Corel daily in my advertise company. Very very expensive! Corel Mac version it would be the perfect thing for me! I know a lot of people that use Corel with Parallels! For production Corel is better than Adobe! I have to think, all the licences that i need for corel win, parallels,corel or my Macs with illustrator!

    I am a professor and so I bought the educational edition after trying the online demo version for CorelDraw X4. Eventually, when X6 came out, I decided to try to get the latest version, since clearly CorelDraw from the demo version could run just fine on Parallels. Before buying the educational version, I called customer support to make sure that the problems were most likely fixed.

    I was told that the disk should run no differently than the online downloadable demo, so I bought the newer version, only to find the same issues with the CD version AGAIN!

    Apple OS X

    I really hope that Corel will make the effort to make a Mac version — I have used CorelDraw since and love it — BUT at some point the headache and the extra cost might make me move to the Adobe software which for the record I do not like, and I have tried it. You guys are dumb, no one uses a PC anymore…. Why not just invest in the Mac version. Please do it fast because I miss corel. It has been wonderful… Our time together since you were V1, has been truly glorious.

    Through Thick and thin Through Windows 2, NT and 98… you were there and we did so many exciting things together… Then I met Mac… he told me that there was an easier life than the self flagellation of Looking through Windows… I have tried to be faithful to you… I even tried to have a parallel relationship with you to keep our love alive…. So My darling Corel I have to say we a over. After very nearly a quarter of a century we are done… No my dear a face lift will not help … its your friends who you seem to need … windows and parallels… they are annoying… I could say that it is my fault for straying BUT I suspect that a lot of the fault lies with your Father ….

    We can be civilised about this and we can work together for the sake of the children and their drawings… But we will drift apart and in the end you will leave a hole in my computer Corel. Windows … and I am sure I will fill it with some nice images created with Affinity Design…. This breaks our heart. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. Our passionate community of Painter Mac users love to share their incredible artwork and experiences.

    This just may be the way for you to stay connected to our Corel family. Try one of our Painter products for free and let us know what you think. Dear Schreiter Apart of all the complains that i also have!! It is economic, politic? Are you afraid of Illustrator? Without bull hit sorry the word — no disrespect but we community deserve a concret answer from you, Corel!!

    Forget the sports car point! We want you without windows!! I understand your frustration. It outlines the reasons for CorelDRAW being a Windows program, and the fact that it would take an entire development cycle to create a Mac version, which would take away from other updates to the program itself. We are listening to all comments and suggestions that come from our community, and continue to monitor the market regarding future development. Stop fearing the future and embrace change. Will be hard to say goodbye to 12 years of usage…. But, I guess your stubbornness leaves us no choice….

    Have been using Corel Draw since version 1, then 2, then Managed to get it to work with Windows 8. I tried Adobe FrameMaker and did not like it. Draw is not suitable for anything longer than a page — the longest stuff I created on Ventura Publisher was over pages. I have HP Laserjet dn with a booklet maker attached to it. Ventura Publisher is perfect for this thing. Booklets up to 40 pages can be very easily created with it. Folded and stapled by the machine — in one step. I also have yep, my own Designjet I have used Ventura to create a huge poster 24 inch tall, and five feet wide.

    Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mountain Lion Edition - O'Reilly Media

    The file was huge! What wonderful advice! Looked at Affinity Designer and purchased it straight away. I am so very glad that I did as it is every bit as good as I expected — and more. Thank you for posting this Rod!!! Parallels Support provided a Virtual Support session but came to the conclusion that a more senior tech was required. The senior tech on a Virtual Support session this morning said the issue had not been seen and that the issue would be reported to their Development Team. The Parallels Support Engineer has asked me to post this to see if anyone else is having a similar issue, that is anyone successfully running CorelDraw 10 in a Virtual Machine running Windows XP??

    No issues on a stand alone laptop running WinXP though. I have sought help but have yet to find a solution…… Until by accident I found Affinity Design. Does everything CorelDraw could do and does it so much more easily. The price for my license? And soon to follow will be Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. If these are half as good as Designer, it is bye bye Corel, bye bye Adobe. Just tried out Affinity after reading the above post. Affinity is brand new, and has a long way to go if it wants to distinguish itself as anything other than an Illustrator knockoff.

    CDR seems perfectly happy with half MB of my integrated video and never forces discrete, and it does everything a professional needs it to without being demanding. Can you guys stop spamming me with cheap shot offers for new versions of CorelDraw? Your stubborness is sad. Shaking my head.

    What kind of article is this, that the vice president says, in general words, that the investment for making developments of a mac native corel version, is not worth it??? As a mac user, that have just upgraded to a new and expensive macbook with yosemite, and consequently have just realized that I cannot continue working on my corel archives, this kind of article really upsets me!!! I regret I have lost so many time on working in corel, because now all those files are useless for me.

    Thanks Corel for the discrimination you make towards mac users, and for writing this shitty article to justify yourself. PS: For me, running windows plataform on a mac, is like having a Porsche, but keep it at my garage, while using a regular car. Any luck with that Corel? Meanwhile, companies much smaller than Corel are creating vector and raster software from the ground up, specifically for the mac.

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    Well… Posted already, but my story is like all others, i guess… Started Corel long time ago Corel 5, i think and continued till today, with X7. In my advertising company we use Mac, because Windows is not stable, besides all reasons that everyone knows! Tell me if thats interesting or intelligent?! And the slow down that makes in the IOS! But all the years with Corel make me do it like this, till now. And even if a loose 6 months to learn Illustrator, the difference with all the licences that i need to work with Corel will be very fast overpassed!!

    And also the possible clients that want to leave Adobe… they politicly are very discutable Is Bill Gates sponsoring Corel to try to avoid people to leave Windows because of Corel?! Your excuse is that is very expensive, but is up to you to do it, no one will do it for you! You see a lot of money expended to do a program software I see a very rentable investment!

    We never needed a car till he got in to the market. Like you I was long time fan, supporter and promotor of CorelDraw, but move on already. Stop waiting. They are dropping hint but nothing solid.

    Non-Genealogy Software Updates – Feb 23, 2012 Edition

    Can anybody confirm this? Thanks for your reply Gerard. This will determine the direction we as a company will be moving in with all of our Mac stations. Looks like Adobe is the answer for us and maybe for others as well. Farewell Corel! You have high hopes my friend. Corel is now run by a bunch of people who idolize the blackberry RIM management.

    And will definitely follow their footsteps. Reblogged this on suburbanbad I am currently studying graphic design. Just in case there is any confusion, and apparently there still is, Corel has said over and over again that they will not be making a mac version of DRAW. They are telling us to move on to other software…so move on already. Whether you like it or not more than 50 percent of the people already using non microsoft OS, like Android, Linux, Mac OS, iOS… It is time to consider a better solution than running virtually if you want this product to follow technology.

    It is very essential that CorelDraw is available natively for Mac. A large segment of designers around the globe use Macs, let alone the ones like me who migrate from Windows to Mac for obvious reasons. There might be some workarounds but running an entire operating system on top of another just for one software is not very optimal solution. It will be great if Corel can reach out to a potentially large new customer base who use Macs and the existing users would like to shift from Windows. I have used corel draw since version4 on windows 95, i understand its interface which make my work flow natural.

    Up until 3 years go i was strictly windows user, now that i have converted and have enjoyed the user friendly interface of MacOS, i find myself still frustrated using 3 mac machines and having to run windows on them just for one program, the biggest let down is that both Parrellel and VMware with the help of windows create the machines to run sluggish and slow down. I feel like i paid for a prestige vehicle and run it on cheap petrol.

    What can we do to convince developers to do something about this. Maybe one day…. Lots of work lost. Wich Corel programs runing with Mac Maverick or El Capitaine could be used to open those files and work after? Try Inkscape to open your Corel files on yourmC. It would depend on which program you are running and what file formats they are compatible with. For as much as I have been an avid Corel supporter since Corel 3 , I and a lot of my designer friends have either made, or are in the process of converting to Adobe.

    I appreciate that focusing efforts on improving their current flagship product is paramount, but It makes me wonder if they have a solid 5 — 10 — 15 year strategic road map. The software business is a risky business, but Corel has a proven perennial product on their hands. I would dare say that it would be a safe bet to make the crossover. If Adobe ever had a threat to their products, it was always Corel.

    I simply cannot understand why there are page size limitations other than the reason that Adobe software is not built to deal with large files period. Adobe also does not have any scale features in their software either. I certainly miss the old Corel usability, speed and file sizes when dealing with large sized graphics. There really is no comparison out there. Corel however need to resolve the OS problem and employ a more agressive marketing strategy.

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