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Christensen, Donald J. DePaolo, Paul W. Reimus, Jeffrey M. Heikoop, Giday Woldegabriel, Ardyth M. Simmons, Brian M. House, Matt Hartmann, and Kate Maher. Marion T. Divers, Emily M. Elliott, and Daniel J. Rebecca L. Lohse, and Daniel Childers. Analytical Chemistry , 86 8 , No Nitrification in Lakes Below pH 3.

Norwich, Norfolk

Kristen L. Karsh, Julie Granger, K. Kritee, and Daniel M. Stigter, A. Carvalho Dill, and L. Sujay S. Kaushal, Peter M. Groffman, Lawrence E. Band, Emily M. Elliott, Catherine A. Shields, and Carol Kendall. Sarah K. Wexler, Kevin M. Hiscock, and Paul F. Matthew R. McIlvin and Karen L. Analytical Chemistry , 83 5 , David R. Mar AlsinaMichael W. WolffMichael G. MatiasekDaniel L. SchellenbergJohn P. EdstromPatrick H. BrownKate M.

Meytal B. Higgins, Rebecca S. Robinson, Karen L. Casciotti, Matthew R. McIlvin and Ann Pearson. Analytical Chemistry , 81 1 , Bridget R. Scanlon, Robert C. Reedy and Kevin F. Leora Nanus, Mark W. Williams, Donald H. Campbell, Emily M. Elliott and Carol Kendall. Mike Edmunds. Elliott,, C. Kendall,, S. Wankel,, D.

Burns,, E. Boyer,, K. Harlin,, D. Bain, and, T. Shimon C. Anisfeld,, Rebecca T. Barnes,, Mark A. Altabet, and, Taixing Wu. Smith, and, Janet E. Analytical Chemistry , 79 15 , Lin Zhang,, Mark A. Altabet,, Taixing Wu, and, Ora Hadas. Analytical Chemistry , 79 14 , Karen L. McIlvin,, Stanley J. Mroczkowski, and, Janet E. Analytical Chemistry , 79 6 , Singleton,, B. Esser,, J. Moran,, G. Hudson,, W. McNab, and, T. Jan Kaiser,, Meredith G. Hastings,, Benjamin Z. Analytical Chemistry , 79 2 , McMahon and, J. McIlvin and, Karen L.

Analytical Chemistry , 78 7 , McIlvin and, Mark A. Analytical Chemistry , 77 17 , Michael J.

Gcafe free

Singleton,, Katharine N. Woods,, Mark E. Conrad,, Donald J. DePaolo, and, P. Evan Dresel. John Spoelstra,, Sherry L. Schiff,, Dean S. Jeffries, and, Ray G. Brenninkmeijer,, C. Janssen,, J. Kaiser,, T. Rhee, and, S. Chemical Reviews , 12 , Hoagland, C. Schmidt, T. Russo, R. Adams, J. Controls on nitrogen transformation rates on restored floodplains along the Cosumnes River, California.

Science of The Total Environment , , Evaluation of geochemical processes and nitrate pollution sources at the Ljubljansko polje aquifer Slovenia : A stable isotope perspective. Identification of sources and transformations of nitrate in the Xijiang River using nitrate isotopes and Bayesian model. Smith, Christopher Cooper, J. Groshens, Craig Tobias.

MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health

Tracing the cycling and fate of the munition, Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine in a simulated sandy coastal marine habitat with a stable isotopic tracer, 15N-[RDX]. Colborne, T. Maguire, B. Mayer, M. Nightingale, G. Enns, A. Fisk, K. Drouillard, M. Mohamed, C. Weisener, C. Wellen, S. Water and sediment as sources of phosphate in aquatic ecosystems: The Detroit River and its role in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Erostate, F. Huneau, E.

Windows 10 Product Key miễn phí cho Windows 10 Home, Education ,Pro

Garel, M. Lehmann, T. Kuhn, L. Aquilina, V. Vergnaud-Ayraud, T. Labasque, S. Santoni, S. Robert, D. Provitolo, V. Delayed nitrate dispersion within a coastal aquifer provides constraints on land-use evolution and nitrate contamination in the past. Trull, Yifan Zhu, Michael W. Lomas, Shuh-Ji Kao. Ambient nitrate switches the ammonium consumption pathway in the euphotic ocean. Nature Communications , 9 1 DOI: A horizontal permeable reactive barrier stimulates nitrate removal and shifts microbial ecology during rapid infiltration for managed recharge.

Water Research , , Tina Sanders, Hendrikus J. The distribution of sediment and water column nitrification potential in the hyper-turbid Ems estuary. Aquatic Sciences , 80 4 DOI: Nitrogen cycling and origin of ammonium during infiltration of treated wastewater for managed aquifer recharge. Applied Geochemistry , 97 , Stenger, J. Clague, U. Morgenstern, T. Vertical stratification of redox conditions, denitrification and recharge in shallow groundwater on a volcanic hillslope containing relict organic matter.

Nitrogen sources and cycling revealed by dual isotopes of nitrate in a complex urbanized environment. Factors influencing the accuracy of the denitrifier method for determining the oxygen isotopic composition of nitrate.

Application of multiple-isotope and groundwater-age data to identify factors affecting the extent of denitrification in a shallow aquifer near a river in South Korea. Hydrogeology Journal , 26 6 , Combining chemical components with stable isotopes to determine nitrate sources of precipitation in Hangzhou and Huzhou, SE China.

Aminreza Meghdadi, Narmin Javar. Evaluation of nitrate sources and the percent contribution of bacterial denitrification in hyporheic zone using isotope fractionation technique and multi-linear regression analysis.

ĐỒ HOẠ - Phần mềm AutoCAD cho MAC (Link Driver, Fshare) |

Journal of Environmental Management , , Simon D. Stewart, Megan B. Young, Jon S. Harding, Travis W. Ecosystems , 41 DOI: Julie Granger, Daniel M. Anna Jurado, Alberto V. Dynamics of greenhouse gases in the river—groundwater interface in a gaining river stretch Triffoy catchment, Belgium. Hydrogeology Journal , 12 DOI: Fiona M. Soper, Phillip G. Taylor, William R.

Wieder, Samantha R. Weintraub, Cory C. Cleveland, Stephen Porder, Alan R. Ecosystems , 21 5 , Casciotti, M. Forbes, J. Vedamati, B. Peters, T. Martin, C. Nitrous oxide cycling in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific as inferred from isotopic and isotopomeric data.

River plume and bottom boundary layer — Hotspots for nitrification in a coastal bay?. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science , , Sandi M. Smart, Haojia Ren, Sarah E.

Rafter, Karen K. Ellis, Mira A. Weigand, Sergey Oleynik, Gerald H. Haug, Daniel M. Ground-truthing the planktic foraminifer-bound nitrogen isotope paleo-proxy in the Sargasso Sea. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , , Combining pyrosequencing and isotopic approaches to assess denitrification in a hyporheic zone. Nitrogen and oxygen isotope enrichment factors of nitrate at different denitrification rates in an agricultural soil. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition , 65 , Fripiat, M.

Declercq, C. Sapart, L. Anderson, V. Bruechert, F. Deman, D. Fonseca-Batista, C. Humborg, A. Roukaerts, I. Semiletov, F. Influence of the bordering shelves on nutrient distribution in the Arctic halocline inferred from water column nitrate isotopes. Limnology and Oceanography , 28 DOI: Influence of isotope fractionation on the nitrogen isotope composition of the brown macroalga Undaria pinnatifida. Phycological Research , 14 DOI: Xuefeng Peng, Sarah E. Fawcett, Nicolas van Oostende, Martin J. Wolf, Dario Marconi, Daniel M. Sigman, Bess B. Nitrogen uptake and nitrification in the subarctic North Atlantic Ocean.

Limnology and Oceanography , 63 4 , Tracking nitrate sources in the Chaohu Lake, China, using the nitrogen and oxygen isotopic approach. Environmental Science and Pollution Research , 25 20 , Sources of nitrate in Xiangshan Bay China , as identified using nitrogen and oxygen isotopes. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems , 19 7 , Sian F.

Henley, Elizabeth M. Jones, Hugh J. Venables, Michael P. Meredith, Yvonne L. Macronutrient and carbon supply, uptake and cycling across the Antarctic Peninsula shelf during summer. Plant nitrogen and phosphorus utilization under invasive pressure in a montane ecosystem of tropical China. Journal of Ecology , 17 DOI: Contribution of nitrate sources in surface water in multiple land use areas by combining isotopes and a Bayesian isotope mixing model. Applied Geochemistry , 93 , Shi, A. Buffen, H. Ma, Z. Hu, B. Sun, C.

Li, J. Yu, T. Ma, C. An, S. Jiang, Y. Li, M.

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Distinguishing summertime atmospheric production of nitrate across the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology , 33 6 , Geosciences , 8 6 , Kretzschmar, Christine Stumpp. Effects of reclaimed water discharge in the Maneadero coastal aquifer, Baja California, Mexico. Applied Geochemistry , 92 , Nitrification and coupled nitrification-denitrification at shallow depths are responsible for early season N 2 O emissions under alternate wetting and drying management in an Italian rice paddy system.

Soil Biology and Biochemistry , , Knapp, K. Global Biogeochemical Cycles , 32 5 , Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , 32 8 , Sources and key processes controlling particulate organic nitrogen in impounded river—reservoir systems on the Maotiao River, southwest China. Inland Waters , 8 2 , Iverson, C.

Humphrey, M. O'Driscoll, C. Sanderford, J. Jernigan, B. Nutrient exports from watersheds with varying septic system densities in the North Carolina Piedmont. Brian D. Peters, Phoebe J. Lam, Karen L. Marine Chemistry , , Isotopic composition of nitrogen species in groundwater under agricultural areas: A review. Occurrence of greenhouse gases in the aquifers of the Walloon Region Belgium.

Koyama, Sarah E. Hobbie, Marissa S. Weiss, Yoshiyuki Inagaki, Gaius R. Shaver, Anne E. Giblin, Satoru Hobara, Knute J. Nadelhoffer, Martin Sommerkorn, Edward B. Rastetter, George W. Kling, James A. Nitrate is an important nitrogen source for Arctic tundra plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 13 , Anthropogenic changes of nitrogen loads in a small river: external nutrient sources vs. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies , 54 2 , Brown, Patrick A. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans , 3 , Leora Nanus, Donald H.

Campbell, Christopher M. Lehmann, M. Alisa Mast. Spatial and temporal variation in sources of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Rocky Mountains using nitrogen isotopes. Atmospheric Environment , , Jessica A. Lueders-Dumont, Xingchen T. Wang, Olaf P. Jensen, Daniel M. Nitrogen isotopic analysis of carbonate-bound organic matter in modern and fossil fish otoliths. Nitrate attenuation in low-permeability sediments based on isotopic and microbial analyses.

River water infiltration enhances denitrification efficiency in riparian groundwater. Mordy, Karen L. Estimating fixed nitrogen loss and associated isotope effects using concentration and isotope measurements of NO 3 — , NO 2 — , and N 2 from the Eastern Tropical South Pacific oxygen deficient zone. Tomography of anthropogenic nitrate contribution along a mesoscale river.

Jochen Hoefs. Isotope Fractionation Processes of Selected Elements. Estuaries and Coasts , 41 1 , Microbes and Environments , 33 2 , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 18 16 , Sources of reactive nitrogen in marine aerosol over the Northwest Pacific Ocean in spring. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics , 18 9 , Angela N.

Knapp, Kelly M. Distribution and rates of nitrogen fixation in the western tropical South Pacific Ocean constrained by nitrogen isotope budgets. Biogeosciences , 15 9 , Calla M. Schmidt, Tamara E. Kraus, Megan B. Young, Carol Kendall. Use of flow cytometry and stable isotope analysis to determine phytoplankton uptake of wastewater derived ammonium in a nutrient-rich river.

Biogeosciences , 15 1 , Chris J. Biogeosciences , 15 2 , Ocean Science , 14 4 , Geophysical Research Letters , 44 24 , 12,, Oxidation kinetics and inverse isotope effect of marine nitrite-oxidizing isolates. Aquatic Microbial Ecology , 80 3 , Clara A. Fuchsman, Allan H. Devol, Karen L. Casciotti, Carolyn Buchwald, Bonnie X. Chang, Rachel E. Tamborski, J. Cochran, H. Fazilatun N.

Mahmood, S. Lee Barbour, C. Kennedy, M. Jim Hendry.

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Patrick A. Rafter, Daniel M. Sigman, Katherine R. Recycled iron fuels new production in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. Nature Communications , 8 1 DOI: Vera Winde, Michael E. Bladder wrack Fucus vesiculosus as a multi-isotope bio-monitor in an urbanized fjord of the western Baltic Sea. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies , 53 6 , Diego A. Sanchez, Anna Szynkiewicz, Anthony M. Determining sources of nitrate in the semi-arid Rio Grande using nitrogen and oxygen isotopes. Applied Geochemistry , 86 , Sumeth Wongkiew, Brian N.

Fate of nitrogen in floating-raft aquaponic systems using natural abundance nitrogen isotopic compositions. Dario Marconi, Daniel M. Sigman, Karen L. Casciotti, Ethan C. Campbell, M. Alexandra Weigand, Sarah E. Fawcett, Angela N. Knapp, Patrick A. Rafter, Bess B. Ward, Gerald H. Global Biogeochemical Cycles , 31 10 , Vystavna, D. Diadin, V. Grynenko, V. Yakovlev, Y. Vergeles, F. Huneau, P. Rossi, J. Hejzlar, K. Whiteman, G. Farr, P. Jones, J. Schutten, A. Merthyr Mawr: a case study for the assessment of nitrate at humid dunes in England and Wales.

Journal of Coastal Conservation , 21 5 , Quantitative identification of nitrate pollution sources and uncertainty analysis based on dual isotope approach in an agricultural watershed. Environmental Pollution , , Nubia Luz Estrada, J. Burkey, David A. Grantz, Margaret T. McGrath, Todd A. Hatzinger, W. Andrew Jackson. Stable isotopic composition of perchlorate and nitrate accumulated in plants: Hydroponic experiments and field data. Analytical Letters , 50 13 , Effects of temperature and particles on nitrification in a eutrophic coastal bay in southern China.

Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences , 9 , In situ 15 N labeling experiment reveals different long-term responses to ammonium and nitrate inputs in N-saturated subtropical forest. Samantha R. Weintraub, Paul D. Brooks, Gabriel J. Ecosystems , 20 6 , Lino Nilsson, Anders Widerlund. Tracing nitrogen cycling in mining waters using stable nitrogen isotope analysis. Applied Geochemistry , 84 , Factors controlling the stable isotope composition and C:N ratio of seston and periphyton in shallow lake mesocosms with contrasting nutrient loadings and temperatures.

Freshwater Biology , 62 9 , Hydrology , 4 3 , Use of oxygen isotopes to differentiate between nitrous oxide produced by fungi or bacteria during denitrification. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , 31 16 , Haojia Ren, Daniel M. Wong, Gerald H. Effect of wheat-maize straw return on the fate of nitrate in groundwater in the Huaihe River Basin, China. Justin G. Coughlin, Zhongjie Yu, Emily M. Efficacy of passive sampler collection for atmospheric NO 2 isotopes under simulated environmental conditions.

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry , 31 14 , Yakovlev, J. Hejzlar, I. Vadillo, F. Huneau, M. Nitrate contamination in a shallow urban aquifer in East Ukraine: evidence from hydrochemical, stable isotopes of nitrate and land use analysis. Sources and behaviour of nitrogen compounds in the shallow groundwater of agricultural areas Poyang Lake basin, China. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology , , On the use of coprostanol to identify source of nitrate pollution in groundwater.

Journal of Hydrology , , Wendy Marie Robertson, J. Response of deep groundwater to land use change in desert basins of the Trans-Pecos region, Texas, USA: Effects on infiltration, recharge, and nitrogen fluxes. Hydrological Processes , 31 13 , Scott D. Evidence for fungal and chemodenitrification based N2O flux from nitrogen impacted coastal sediments. Nature Communications , 8 , James M. Bishop, Craig R. Glenn, Daniel W. Amato, Henrietta Dulai. Effect of land use and groundwater flow path on submarine groundwater discharge nutrient flux.

Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies , 11 , Christina M. Richardson, Henrietta Dulai, Robert B. Wang, George T. Wong, Anne L. Cohen, Thomas M. DeCarlo, Mira A. Science , , Nitrogen dynamic in Eurasian coastal Arctic ecosystem: Insight from nitrogen isotope. Global Biogeochemical Cycles , 31 5 , Water , 9 5 , Kojima, S. Sano, F. Kurisu, H. Estimation of source contribution to nitrate loading in road runoff using stable isotope analysis.

Urban Water Journal , 14 4 , Annie Bourbonnais, Robert T. Letscher, Hermann W. N 2 O production and consumption from stable isotopic and concentration data in the Peruvian coastal upwelling system. Global Biogeochemical Cycles , 31 4 , Christian von Sperber, Oliver A. Chadwick, Karen L. Casciotti, Kabir G. Peay, Christopher A. Francis, Amy E. Kim, Peter M. Controls of nitrogen cycling evaluated along a well-characterized climate gradient. Ecology , 98 4 , Tania Guha, C. Lin, S. Bhattacharya, A. Hsu, Mao-Chang Liang. Isotopic ratios of nitrate in aerosol samples from Mt.

Lulin, a high-altitude station in Central Taiwan. Grimmeisen, M. Liesch, N. Goeppert, J. Klinger, J. Zopfi, N. Isotopic constraints on water source mixing, network leakage and contamination in an urban groundwater system. Sarah J. Fischer, Joanna K. York, Yoana G. Voynova, William J. Distance-based mixing models of?

Limnology and Oceanography , 62 2 , Isotopocule analysis of biologically produced nitrous oxide in various environments. Mass Spectrometry Reviews , 36 2 , Derrick A. Lingle, Alan E. Kehew, R. Use of nitrogen isotopes and other geochemical tools to evaluate the source of ammonium in a confined glacial drift aquifer, Ottawa County, Michigan, USA. Applied Geochemistry , 78 , Van Oostende, S. Fawcett, D. Marconi, J. Lueders-Dumont, A.

Sabadel, E. Woodward, B. Sigman, B. Martin, K. Paired N and O isotopic analysis of nitrate and nitrite in the Arabian Sea oxygen deficient zone. Feasibility of two low-cost organic substrates for inducing denitrification in artificial recharge ponds: Batch and flow-through experiments. Coupled molecular and isotopic evidence for denitrifier controls over terrestrial nitrogen availability. Karen McLaughlin, Nikolay P. Nezlin, Meredith D. Howard, Carly D. Beck, Raphael M. Kudela, Michael J. Mengel, George L. Jason B. Sylvan, Scott D.

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Wankel, Douglas E. LaRowe, Chawalit N. Charoenpong, Julie A. Huber, Craig L. Moyer, Katrina J. Evidence for microbial mediation of subseafloor nitrogen redox processes at Loihi Seamount, Hawaii. Isotopic evidence of nitrogen sources and nitrogen transformation in arsenic-contaminated groundwater. Mroczkowski, Neil C.

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