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Advance happy 40th. Blame it on the Filipino genes! My list subject to change since I love mattes and retromattes: D For Danger though.. Karen, I hope you plan on celebrating, taking a vacation or doing whatever makes you most happy on your birthday! On my birthday this year, I asked my husband to get me the spiciest Indian food he could find from the South Bay. I have such happy memories of that day now: If you are NC42, you can definitely pull of Mac Whirl!! I am so excited about this collection! Not only are there some very interesting and even unusual shades in it, but they are permanent.

That means that all those containers I have been saving for an eventual b2m will finally make their final trip to the store. I wonder how Whirl would look on me! Pressed Mineral Blush in Cabo Cabana. Some of these shades look really nice! Of course, I am drawn to Pink Pigeon although it might be a little too crazy. Oh, hey! I actually thought that was your cake before reading the caption — that thing is awesome!

Ah, 40, schmorty — you look fantabulous. Seriously, though.

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Keep rocking it, my friend. Beti recently posted … Tom Ford Soleil Collection.

You just brought me back to my youth with that one!! Excited to play with it when this line gets released.

D for Danger looks so beautiful, I really want it. Lulle recently posted … Rimmel London Scandaleyes: I am Aquarius, but I know the weight attached to turning There is one scene where she is crying because her ex is getting married and having a baby, and she just bursts out: Another Gemini in the house! Happy early birthday bae! Not really feeling these new colors. Advance happy 40th!!!

Gemini here also!!!

20 Best Selling MAC Lipsticks (Reviews) For Women - Update

My birthday is actually May Happy early birthday to you!! I love the Browns, whirl, stone, and the blue! Although mattes are beginning to not look so good on me, I will still buy a few. As for 40, for the most part it was a good age for me. The only bad thing that I remember was my metabolism seemed to screech to a halt. I went up 2 pant sizes in 1 year and could never lose it. Nothing else changed in my looks, though. That happened at 50, so enjoy the next 10 years! Remember to kiss Tabs.

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Happy Birthday in advance! Im a Gemini yay and my birthday is this week. May 28th. Happy Birthday! I am so excited for Stone! MAC Lipsticks tend to be a bit drying on me, but I will probably purchase this one anyway because I love the color so much. Great Swatches: I think MAC might have hit the nail on the head with this one. Looks like there is something for everyone. Whirl is going to sell out fast.

I love a Matte lip!! I would have to see some other swatches on the lips as well. I got my naval pierced for my 40th. I think it was the best birthday of my life. The key is to find the right shade that works for you as well as the occasion. There was a time you could not pay me to wear a mattelipstick. I LOVE them especially because of the no transfer and long wear, perfect for speaking engagements! Great post! I really wish my lips did better with mattes.

An underestimated color for long, orange has been ruling the fashion scene for the last few years. A bright neutral toned orange is one of the head turners that you need to have. It works best on fair to medium skin tone. The shade is bold and is meant for the ones who love to have the spotlight on them. They say you can never have too many nude lipsticks and makeup enthusiasts seem to agree. The color is a warm beige with a pearl finish and pink undertones. If your skin tone ranges between fair and medium and you have been looking for the perfect pink based nudes, your search will end with this pretty shade.

Moving away from the world of mattes, MAC Cremesheen lipsticks gives the same finish as the name suggests.

MAC The Matte Lip Collection: Many of These Lipsticks Are Stars, But They Don’t Shine Like Them

Mac Cremesheen lipsticks are for those who do not prefer a matte finish. The colors are vivid, and the formula is hydrating to the lips with a touch of sheen that makes the lips looks healthy. The variety of colors in this formula is abundant which means that there are options to suit every skin tone and preferences. It is a plum toned red that looks amazing on any skin color. The shade falls somewhere between pink and maroon and thus can be worn during both day and night. It is a mid-tone pink brown which like most nudes look different depending on the skin tones.

The color is buildable and gives sufficient coverage with swipes, and the end result is a soft, sophisticated shade. Suitable For: The days you want to look put together without putting in too much effort. It is a frosted orange shade that is vivid but not in-your-face like most lipsticks from the orange family. On some skin tones, it might appear to have a brownish undertone. The color looks the best on medium to light skin tone. Days you want a pop of color to brighten up your face without going too overboard, for example, an important office presentation.

Well, I know it is the not late 90s or early s anymore, and you are not going to jump at the mention of frost lipsticks now. But with a great variety of colors to chose from and creamy texture, these might convince you to fall in love with frost lipsticks all over again. Though fashion gurus have termed frost lipsticks to be history, makeup lovers have not yet discarded the trend. If used correctly, these frost lipsticks in gorgeous shades amp up the glamor quotient.

The shimmer adds just enough glitz without going overboard and does not look too much on lips. However, it can be difficult to remove the shimmer off the lip after the color wears out. The lasting power of these shades are surprisingly long, given they all have a frost finish. The color stays put for hours without re-application.

It is a warm gold with a sheer metallic finish. It gives your lips a subtle golden glow with a hint of color to glam up even the most simple look. It is a perfect color to build up if you want to convert your semi-mattes into something more festive, without disturbing the color too much. Fresh Moroccan is a warm brown, of course with a frost finish.

The color has a slight maroon tinge, that can be built up to almost a brick red. The shade has a vintage glam appeal to it. It can look good on any skin tone but will shine on medium to dark skin tones. It also exceptionally compliments festive Indian wears. Events where you are going for a relaxed glam look, for example, a wedding function of a colleague or a relative.

20 MAC Lipsticks You Need To Have

So, that was our list of the best picks from the MAC lipsticks collection. For those wondering what color best suits your skin tone? Here you go…. A good lipstick works like magic. And though most lipsticks look stunning on fair skin, choosing the best out of the lot can be confusing. So, here are our picks of the three best MAC lipsticks that will suit fair skin, come what may. MAC Syrup, a gorgeous mauve pink color that could be worn anytime, anywhere. MAC Crosswires, for women who find orange too loud and brown too boring.

This coral lip color will make your day, every day. MAC Russian Red, this amazing red matte lipstick is perfect to wear for night events as well as day gatherings. Dark skin tones can look really stunning with the right makeup. And what better than the perfect lipstick to complement the gorgeous glow? So, get your hands on these MAC lipsticks that are just the right color for darker skin tones.

MAC Diva, a burgundy maroon matte for the diva in you. MAC Spirit, a perfect nude that will blend beautifully with your skin, making your look classier than ever. Last but not the least, MAC So Chaud, for those bright days when you feel like dressing up for no reason. There is a common notion that most lipsticks suit women with medium skin tones.

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But in reality, it is harder to look for the perfect lipstick color for medium skin tones than extreme skin tones. So, here are our MAC bests that you can pick blindly. MAC Lady Danger, a gorgeous bright orange that is perfect for summer parties. MAC Velvet Teddy, a stunning brown nude lipstick that defines absolute perfection when combined with smokey-eyed makeup. Finding the right lipstick for pale skin tones can be daunting. Some look too loud, while the others look too pale on an already pale complexion. So, how to strike the perfect balance and choose the right shades?

Well, we have done that for you! Consider these as your go-to MAC lipsticks that could never go wrong. MAC Ruby Woo, a bright red retro matte that will define your features like never before. Dusky is the new diva! Gone are the days when fair skin defined beauty. Brown skin-toned women are at the peak of the glamor charts with their perfect makeup and style.

So, here are the most popular MAC bests that are absolutely perfect for brown skinned women. MAC Ruby Woo, your go-to style statement. MAC Relentlessly Red, a pinkish red retro matte that is an all-time charmer. While pink and mauves are hot sellers, you will be amazed at how glamorous reds can make you look.